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About the Project

 Oxidation Reactions: a key towards a novel and sustainable wine brandy ageing technology

The Project OXYREBRAND (POCI-01-0145-FEDER-027819) has the financial support of the European Union (FEDER – 161 121.89€) and of the State Budget (FCT – 75 732.98€).

It is mainly directed to the Central (76.75%), Lisbon (20.52%) and North (2.73%) regions of Portugal.

Started on October 18, 2018; will be completed on April 17, 2022.

The Project aims to develop a novel and sustainable wine spirit ageing technology based on the knowledge of underlying chemical mechanisms, following the research already made by the team.

The research strategy is focused on the wine spirit’s ageing by the novel technology and by the traditional one (using wooden barrels), involving a comprehensive approach, of chemical and sensory nature, ensured by the scientific and technological expertise of the team.

Acquisition of relevant scientific knowledge in the field of ageing chemistry mainly applicable to wine spirit but also to other spirit drinks and fortified wine is expected. It will also contribute to provide the wine spirit-producing industry with a novel ageing technology, representing a significant technological leap and leading to an environmentally-friendly production process. Besides, an innovative, high value-added product and more competitive in the national and international markets will result. Therefore, economic, social and environmental impacts are foreseen at regional, national (emphasis on the Designations of Origin of wine spirit, namely 'Lourinhã') and international levels.









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