The strategic objective of the project is to transfer new R&D knowledge and technologies to the industry, involving the creation of a demonstration pilot unit, experimental and demonstrative actions, to disseminate scientific and technological information, for launching the new product to the market - a new generation of chestnut rootstocks with pedigree, molecular characterized and improved resistance to Phytophthora cinnamomi, the causal agent of root rot also known as ink disease, selected from the breeding program initiated by INIAV in 2006.

The pilot unit consists of a greenhouse of 400 square meters, shade area of 400 square meters and a demonstration field of 1.2 hectares, to demonstrate the technique of mass production and performance of the new rootstocks in field conditions.


estufa 2


The greenhouse includes acclimatization tunnels, heated benches, fertigation system, thermal screens.

The field includes a meteorological station and soil and plant moisture probes, to study the water use efficiency and determine the correct amount of water to supply.

The pilot unit is powered by an hybrid system solar/electricity.


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The performance of each clone is evaluated, as well as the grafting compatibility with the 3 main commercialized varieties: Longal, Martaínha, Judia and the varieties of the region Baria and Colarinha.